The Ministry of Natural Resources, in keeping with its commitment to release major contracts between the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and companies in the extractive industries sector, now makes available the contract with NABI Oil and Gas Inc. The contract documents are available on the Department of Public Information’s website and the Ministry’s website:

NABI Oil & Gas Inc. is a locally owned company that started in 2010 as a project management, logistical support, drilling and energy, construction company. In June 2012, the company was granted a lease for 2,300 square kilometers onshore in the Mahaica-Mahaicony, East Bank Demerara area.

During the last quarter of 2013, the company conducted a geochemistry survey and was in the process of analyising the data it had gathered.

The company’s activities have been dormant.

See PDF of contract here NABI Oil & Gas Inc. Contract