GYEITI Application Accepted -Manila, Philippines

National Coordinator of GYEITI Secretariat, Dr Rudy Jadoopat & Regional Director for Latin America and Caribbean, Dr. Francisco Paris at EITI Board Meeting in Manila, Philippines.

Peer Learning Event for EITI countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

The GYEITI delegation Hilbert Shields, Industry Representative, Wallace Ng-See-Quan, Government Representative, Paul Atkinson, Civil Society Representative, Diane Barker, National Secretariat in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Deputy Coordinator- Diane Barker, Government MSG rep- Gillian Pollard, National Coordinator- Rudy Jadoopat, Regional Chairman Gordon Bradford, Civil Society Rep- Gomin Camacho, Industry Rep- Patrick Harding & Country Representative of the Carter Center, Jason Calder at the GYEITI outreach in Bartica.

Guyana’s Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman (L) with members of the MSG at the final GYEITI outreach held in Georgetown at Marian Academy on Thursday, May 20, 2017