Minister meets GYEITI Secretariat

Newly elected Minister of Natural Resources, Honourable Vickram Bharrat receives a 2019 EITI Standard from the Coordinator of the GYEITI Search Results Dr. Rudy R. Jadoopat and Deputy Coordinator Ms. Diane Barker.

The Guyana Delegation at the EITI International Conference 2019

The conference was held in Paris, France under the theme ‘Open Data, Build Trust’. Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman led Guyana’s delegation which included Ministry of Natural Resources staffer Shondell France, National Director and Deputy Director of Guyana-Extractive Indus-tries Transparency Initia-tive (GY-EITI) Dr Rudy Jadoopat and Diane Barker respectively, government representative of the Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) Gillian Pollard and civil society representative, Gomin Camacho.

Guyana’s delegation at the country booth at the EITI Global Conference 2019 (EITI Photo)

Guyana’s delegation to the EITI Global Conference 2019 at the country pitch booth


National Coordinator meets with International Secretariat 

Dr Jadoopat meets with Dr. Francisco Paris and Ms Terral Taquiri, Regional Team from the EITI International Secretariat.

National Secretariat hosts EITI workshop on beneficial ownership and systematic disclosure

On Friday October 25th, 2019, GYEITI held a successful Workshop which was conducted by the EITI International Secretariat at Cara Lodge. Minister of Natural Resources and Guyana EITI Champion Hon Raphael G.C. Trotman MP delivered opening remarks during which he stressed Government’s determination to dedicate efforts, energies and resources to enhance transparency in the extractive sector in adherence to the EITI Standard.

Facilitators for the half day session were Dr Francisco Paris, EITI Regional Director and Ms Jacqueline Terrel Taquiri, Representative of EITI International and they deliberated on a number of key issues that Guyana’s stakeholders needed to be mindful of as efforts continue towards Guyana’s second EITI report in addition to the validation process which is dues in six months’ time.

Beneficiaries to the workshop included members of Guyana’s media corps, the Guyana Revenue Authority, the Guyana Gold Board, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission. The Guyana Forestry Commission, the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, Mid-Atlantic Oil and Gas, Eco-Atlantic, Tullow, Dinar Trading, Aurora Gold Mines Inc., El Dorado Trading, Mohamed’s Enterprises among many others private and public sector entities. The GYEITI Secretariat will continue to host such for a with a view to enhancing public knowledge and encouraging participation in Guyana’s EITI efforts.

GYEITI Outreach

Scenes from the GYEITI outreach held on Tuesday October 22, 2019 at the Regional Democratic Council Region Three complex in Vreed-en-Hoop, West Bank Demerara/ Please come out to our outreaches when we come to your area.

Essequibo Outreach 

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018, Dr. Rudy Jadoopat, National Coordinator, GYEITI delivered a well received Presentation to lecturers of the Essequibo Technical Institute. He highlighted the Principles of EITI and provided a general overview of GYEITI.

Guyana Technical Institute Outreach

On Friday, 10thbAugust, 2018, Dr. Rudy Jadoopat, GYEITI National Coordinator delivered an informative EITI Presentation to lecturers at the Guyana Technical Institute as part of the TVET Programme of the Local Business Development Centre.

Multi Stakeholder Group Meeting


14th Multi Stakeholder Group Meeting in progress, 14th March, 2018

GYEITI Application Accepted National Coordinator of GYEITI Secretariat, Dr Rudy Jadoopat & Regional Director for Latin America and Caribbean, Dr. Francisco Paris at EITI Board Meeting in Manila, Philippines. October, 2017.

Peer Learning Event for EITI countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

The GYEITI delegation Hilbert Shields, Industry Representative, Wallace Ng-See-Quan, Government Representative, Paul Atkinson, Civil Society Representative, Diane Barker, National Secretariat in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

GYEITI Bartica Outreach

Deputy Coordinator- Diane Barker, Government MSG rep- Gillian Pollard, National Coordinator- Dr Jadoopat, Regional Chairman Mr Gordon Bradford, Civil Society Rep- Ms Gomin Camacho, Industry Rep- Mr Harding & Country Representative of the Carter Center, Mr Jason Calder at the GYEITI outreach in Bartica.

GYEITI Georgetown Outreach

Guyana’s Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman (L) with members of the MSG at the final GYEITI outreach held in Georgetown at Marian Academy on Thursday, May 20, 2017

GYEITI Linden Outreach

From left to right: Carter Centre Country Representative Jason Calder, MSG Industry Representative Ryan Ramjit, National Coordinator of the GYEITI Secretariat Dr Rudy Jadoopat, MSG Civil Society Representative Najuma Nelson, MSG Government Representative Gillian Pollard and Deputy Coordinator of the GYEITI Diane Barker.

GYEITI Charity-Pomeroon Outreach